A Note From Dad


A Walk Down the Aisle

I quite honestly don’t know where the time has gone.  Each year seems to pass by so much more quickly than the last, and it’s all I can do to keep up.  It just doesn’t seem right that it’s gone this fast…like it was just yesterday we walked down the aisle together.  It’s been a

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Manicure – $15 Dinner – $20 Bowling – $20 Daddy/Daughter Date Night – Priceless I had fun tonight SD. You’re a pretty amazing young lady! Don’l let the look on my face fool ya’. I’m looking forward to our next date night in a month…and many more to come. Love, Dad

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His Love is Greatest

Oh Lord, I wonder if this is a little like how You felt on the walk to Calvary.  Tired.  Beaten.  Defeated.  Emotionally spent.  Physically spit on.  Cursed at with words of hate.  By the very people You came to love, no less.  That’s what hit me about half way there.  And then it all started

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Forever Your Daddy

Thirteen years ago today, God sent an angel to earth…handpicked with a purpose. I couldn’t be there the day you were born, but I was there four months later when you came home to us. I was there in the PICU after your open heart surgery a month before your first birthday…and I was there

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A Day at the Ballgame

I picked SD up from school before lunch today, and we enjoyed a day at the ball game. Ok, so it was only 5 innings at the ballgame. Two hours is hard on a girl. I love watching you SD. You’re a people watcher…just like your mom. I am always awed and amazed at how

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Happy Tears

I never understood happy tears…until I became a dad. I just put my NE on the bus to school, his first day of kindergarten.     My little man is growing up. It literally seems like yesterday we brought you home from the hospital…all 5 pounds of you snuggled in a pumpkin seat. As I

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Have We Met Before?

Hi.  Have we met before?  I’m your dad.  I remember playing with you while you lay on the floor, unable to crawl or even roll over yet…your tiny hand squeezing my finger with all your might.  I remember your soft breath as you lay on my chest, sleeping ever so soundly.  I remember crying at

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