A Note From Dad


This Silence

I cry out, longing to be heard. Where are you?  Why have you left me? I feel alone, caught in a whirlwind of emotions I can’t explain or control. The darkness sweeps over me like a flood raging out of control. When I cry out, all I hear is silence. The silence is deafening.  It […]

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Lighthouse Strong

God tells us in scripture to let our light shine that they would see our good works and glorify Him. A lighthouse doesn’t need to fire a cannon to call attention to its shining – it just shines. Used to be 25+ years of marriage was the norm, but nowadays people in our culture marvel

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Sit a Spell

In the hurried days of my life, stopping to sit a spell with my Creator can seem like a chore more than I care to admit. Just a small sampling of how today’s conversation went.

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The Parable of a Trash Bag

Some days, these notes are as much more to encourage me than you…a reference point for me to use in recalling something later in life as my memory fails me. This is one of those notes. Last night, while changing the trash, my nine year old NE stops halfway through the task, turns to me

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Pre-Plan for the Day of Battle

In the fire service, we pre-plan everything. I mean…EVERY. THING. In particular, we pre-plan what we call our “target hazards”, our high hazard incidents and locations. Much like our efforts to pre-plan in the fire service pay off, God rewards us when we plan to avoid evil.

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A Post-It Note From God

As I rushed out of the house at 9:00pm last night on the way to the hospital, I didn’t think to take a Bible with me.  By the time it crossed my mind, it was too late to turn back for it.  How could I not grab my Bible!?  Ugh! Stopping to fill the car

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I Thought About You Today

 I thought about you today. I can’t help but wonder what your parents are doing today. How they’re coping  on this, their first Thanksgiving without you. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day we give thanks for the blessings God has bestowed upon us. It’s supposed to be filled with family, friends, food and fellowship.

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Slow Down

Coming off a 72 hour firehouse shift, I’m headed from one job to the next…go go go. Gotta get my laundry cleaned. The trash needs changed. The carpets need cleaned. The yard needs mowed. Need to clean and organize the garage. It’s time to start closing the pool for the winter. Gotta pack for a

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