A Note From Dad


Underwear Man is Dressed for Church

One of my resident superheroes, “Underwear Man”, dressed for the battlefront…which this morning is, apparently, church. A hero’s hero, Underwear Man is able to leap a tall ottoman in a single bound. Able to stop speeding bullets (hey, those Nerf guns shoot pretty hard and fast nowadays). Faster than a loco…well he’s pretty fast, let’s […]

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Bowling Bubba

It was a good first date night Bubba. You’re one super cool dude and a lot of fun to hang out with. Looking forward to doing this again soon. Love, Dad

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Sunday Afternoon Nap

The feeling that comes from knowing my legs are numb, my back feels broken from the angle we’re in when him climbed on, and my shoulder hurts so bad I can’t hardly take it. But I don’t dare move him for fear of waking him…knowing these moments are so far and few between nowadays that

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It’s a Good Plan

Conversation with a 3 year old on the drive to preschool: “Dad, why is dat pweece man parked dare?” “He’s waiting there to see if people are driving too fast, and then he will tell them to slow down.” “And he will take dem to jail?” “No, he’ll give them a ticket for speeding because

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Happy Tears

I never understood happy tears…until I became a dad. I just put my NE on the bus to school, his first day of kindergarten.     My little man is growing up. It literally seems like yesterday we brought you home from the hospital…all 5 pounds of you snuggled in a pumpkin seat. As I

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Run on Dudes!

It dawned on me today why I “enjoy” running. Yes I sarcastically say “enjoy” because it’s not something I find pleasure in, except when I’m done for the day…it feels good to have accomplished a good run. In the sense of the way I use the word “enjoy” above, I find some satisfaction in running

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