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The “Wa Yay” on the Potty

While not a note you may have expected from me, I like writing some of these daily memories down. Although, these notes are mostly for your benefit, I know that your mom and I will find some benefit and joy in them as we read back on your younger years after you’ve moved on with your own lives. So some of these notes are occasionally more for us than you. This is one of those:

SI, you’re 2 years old as I write this, and you’ve started to show interest in going potty on the “big boy” potty. Seems younger than I remember with NE, but maybe that’s part of having an older brother to watch and learn from. I’m sure that having someone to model daily life for you helps you become interested in things earlier than most. Makes sense anyway. Anyway, last night your mom put you on the potty just to see how you’d react to it. It wasn’t the first time you’d done it. You actually went potty on the big boy potty about a week or so ago at bath time. This time, though, as soon as you sat down you started pushing, and voila…you went pee. With the expected accolades and praise from your momma, you were ecstatic and immediately ran into the room to tell me all about it, flashing me in the process and pointing to yourself where the “wa yay” came out. Well done son! Well done!



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