A Note From Dad


Pre-Plan for the Day of Battle

In the fire service, we pre-plan everything. I mean…EVERY. THING. In particular, we pre-plan what we call our “target hazards”, our high hazard incidents and locations. Much like our efforts to pre-plan in the fire service pay off, God rewards us when we plan to avoid evil.

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I Thought About You Today

 I thought about you today. I can’t help but wonder what your parents are doing today. How they’re coping  on this, their first Thanksgiving without you. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day we give thanks for the blessings God has bestowed upon us. It’s supposed to be filled with family, friends, food and fellowship.

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Somewhere Between Here and There

   As he sits, nearly motionless, the world is moving all around him…people walking past like he’s not even here. Indeed, he’s not here. He’s nowhere close to where “here” is right now. Here is a place he longs to be with every fiber of his being. Right here is good. It’s where his family

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If Not You, Then Who?

Son, If yesterday’s note wasn’t sufficient to caution you to the emotional turmoil that comes with the job of a firefighter, let me be clear in helping you see that.  Not to bring attention to myself or the battles I face, nor to glorify myself at all.  Not for any other reason than out of

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What Do You See?

What do you see when he passes you, red lights flashing and siren blaring as he clears a path to his destination? Do you see the pain and suffering he will see when he gets there? Do you see it? No? Open your eyes…it’s there. It’s a darkness that swallows him, pouring over his soul

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The First Rule of Holes

It was the best of calls. It was the worst of calls. A recent 24 hour shift day is reminiscent of that similar opening of Charles Dickens’ famous novel A Tale Of Two Cities An early morning residential fire came in at shift change. My crew and I were first on scene and were fortunate

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Welcome To My Vulnerability

To my friends and family in the EMS community, Thank you for taking a moment from your day to drop by. I am honored and blessed that the creator of our Facebook page “EMS for Christ” allowed me to become an admin for the page. It has been a blessing for me to step out

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Just Another Grass Fire

I’m laying here in bed at work…wide awake after waking from a dream. It was a dream that was partially rehashing a call we ran earlier today, a grass fire on the side of the highway. By the actual definition of “close call”, it was not. It was a routine call, without further incident. However,

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