A Note From Dad


There’s a Onesie in the Rescue Pack

In September, 2001 I was just five months into my initiation to the fraternity called fatherhood.  Like millions of Americans, I watched live as the the second plane crashed into that tower, and I knew instantly…that our lives would never be the same.  In the months following the  attack on our country, being a father […]

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Dating Number Two

Dinner and bowling… Some arcade games followed by ice cream… And lots and lots of silliness… It was a good night bud. We need to hang out together more often. I love you, and will remember tonight for a long time. Love, Dad

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Bowling Bubba

It was a good first date night Bubba. You’re one super cool dude and a lot of fun to hang out with. Looking forward to doing this again soon. Love, Dad

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I Can’t Call My #3

Some days I just want to call her.  And then I realize that even though she’s still #3 on my phone’s speed dial, it just can’t happen.  There is no  speed dial that will connect me with her now. There will come a day when you’re grown and out on your own that you wake

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Not My Job

When one child recently told me “not my job” when asked to do a household chore, and another told me “you are not the best anymore” when I was honoring what I’d said about not getting dessert without eating dinner first, it got me thinking…am I starting to become more your friend than your father?

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The Ultimate Do-Over

I just seem to really be missing the boat here lately. I’m sitting here waiting while SD is at her Therapeutic Horsemanship session, and I reread my previous note. Perhaps I didn’t see it when I first wrote it this morning because I was rushed trying to get to our Daddy Daughter Date Day. Or,

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