We Left Our Mark…Not Just Another Day

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This note is just a really fun opportunity for me to brag on how much I love you.  These are the days I will look back on when I’m old and remember fondly how much fun we had.  I love hanging out with and spending time with you.  Period.  End of story.

Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead, Tailgate

Leaving Our Mark with Sidewalk Chalk in the Parking Lot

Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead, Tailgate

Just Like His Momma…People Watching

Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead, Tailgate

All Smiles

Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead, Tailgate

Learning to BBQ a Hot Dog

Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead, Tailgate

Pregame, Still All Smiles

Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead, Tailgate

Getting in on the 12th Man Action on Defense

And, he’s out!  Sleep Eating 101.

I love you,


Spaghetti Smiles & Cotton Candy Mustaches

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Most people I know think it crazy of me to drive all the way across the state to Kansas City to watch an NFL game when I could stay in the Lou and watch one without the drive. What those peeps don’t know is that there is no comparison. I’ve watched a Rams game in person, and the experience pales in comparison to a Chiefs game day experience at Arrowhead Stadium.

The 5:00am wake up call this morning for a 6:00 departure is actually 2 hours later than I would prefer. It’s the first game for NE and SI, though, so I chose to take it easy on you…this trip. Eventually, we’ll be leaving by 4:00am though, so be ready. 🙂

There’s just something electric about coming within sight of Arrowhead Stadium…and pulling up to the entrance to the lot. It’s the culmination of all the excitement building over a three hour drive. It’s the sea of red all around you. The anticipation of what’s ahead. The atmosphere. The people. The noise and the sounds. The smell of thousands of grills cooking up everything from burgers and brats to shrimp, steak and lobster. It’s all that wrapped into one exciting moment that gives me chill bumps every time.

The haze that covers the parking lot before the game can’t be seen well in a picture, but once you’ve experienced tailgating KC style, nothing the Lou has to offer will ever come close.
Game day brings good food.
Good fun.
And memories that will last a lifetime.
And if you’re paying attention, you might just find a cotton candy mustache.
Or a spaghetti smile.
I had a blast today boys. Can’t wait to bring you back. Next time, I won’t forget to pack the headphones. After all…it IS Arrowhead, the loudest stadium in the NFL.
And while someone going to a game in the Lou might be home long before us, it’s the long, quiet drive home that I get to enjoy one of the best views all day.