Random Raves

Like every menu has an “other”…a “miscellaneous”…so do my thoughts. These are the various rambling rants and thoughts…anything that crosses my mind and doesn’t fit on another page ends up here.

We Left Our Mark…Not Just Another Day

There’s a Onesie in the Rescue Pack

You Deserve A Better Happy Birthday

It’s Time

A Walk Down The Aisle

I Can’t Call My #3

Never Forget Means NEVER FORGET

No Longer Bound

What Six Feels Like!

It’s Not About the Turkey

Honor Flight

Roller coaster of Love

A Dad’s Reflection – Eleven Years Later

Roller coaster of Love

Have We Met Before?

You Did This To Me

Pass or Be Passed

Maybe I Should Have Hugged You

Don’t Quit

Time for a Change

Never Forget

Just Another Grass Fire

Missing the Boat

Spread Your Wings and Fly

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

My Deepest Condolences

My Quiver is Full

A Hole in the Heart

It’s More Than Tax Day

Where’s My Baby Girl?

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