A Note From Dad

Rain and Tacos

Driving home through the rain last week, NE, you started singing a song from preschool, “God Made the Rain”. As awesome as that was, when I turned around to watch you while you sang, you stopped. So I asked “what else did God make?” You thought quietly for about ten seconds and then answered “tacos!” What an awesome God we serve…rain and tacos.

That was a little over a week ago. Tonight, I’m sitting at the edge of the driveway watching the three of you playing with your friends. At one point, you rode up on your bike singing the same song. No tacos this time…just rain, dirt and mud. What a blessing it is to watch you grow in the Lord. I know that at three years, you’re too young now to fully understand all that Christ did for you, but as you grow it is my fervent prayer that you do one day. It certainly won’t be for my lack of telling and showing you, because my mission in this life is to ensure that all of you join me in eternity with Jesus.



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