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Pass or Be Passed

Running in long distance races reminds me that life isn’t much different. In a race, you’re either passing or being passed. Sure, there are some you’ll keep pace with…for awhile. But unless you are running the race together from start to finish, you’ll eventually lose them, whether by passing or being passed. Pass, or be passed. Run your race your way, but be mindful of what’s ahead of you…plan your pass, so you don’t get tripped up. And be mindful of what’s behind you, so you don’t get tripped up. Know where you’re coming from, and know where you’re going. Pass or be passed.

Keep your head up, and your eyes fixed on the prize. There will be times when life just sucks the energy and will to keep going from your body. Your body and mind will want to quit, and it’ll be a constant mental battle to keep moving forward. You’ll have to push through the pain…of loss…of rejection…of illness and injury…of disappointments. But you gotta keep moving forward, because God has great things waiting for you at the end of your journey. Pass or be passed, but keep moving forward.

There will be times when holding your head up is gonna be hard. It’ll take all of your energy some days. But keep your head up. You never know what cool things God has planned for you to see and do along the way. The view will not always be beautiful, but there are amazingly beautiful things to be seen in everything…if you have your head up to notice them. If you can keep your head up, you’ll see the guy dressed in a cardboard robot outfit running beside you. You’ll see a group of firefighters walking together in full turnout gear for a cause…meant to inspire and motivate. You’ll see half a dozen police officers in full tactical gear walking with a purpose. You’ll see a blind man, holding onto his friend, pass you. You’ll meet people who will want to help you along the way…let them…it feels good to help others, because we were made to give…so don’t deny someone else that gift. God has plans to prosper and bless you…to see you succeed. To reward you with riches beyond your imagination. All you gotta do is believe it. And keep your head up. You’re either passing or being passed. So pay attention.



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  1. I feel blessed just reading your words. I think I’ve been in the mode of being passed since my mothers death. I’m now ready to put it in gear and start passing – both mentally as well as physically. Thank you.

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