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My Run Journal – March 2012

“True strength comes when you’re tested.”
Theodore Roosevelt

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March was a pretty crazy month…about as busy as my February. I did a pretty poor job of tracking my running, and it took awhile to break through that wall I was hitting at 2 miles. I think what finally did it was getting outside. I hate the treadmill. With a passion. When I’m running on the road, I run a slower pace, but it’s more enjoyable, and I don’t feel the pain as badly. It’s a more realistic run for me. I certainly haven’t done as well running with consistency as I should be. For most of March, I hit it only 2-3 times a week, and I tracked it even less. Below is a brief summary of the last few runs.

Mile 1 – 14:20
Mile 2 – 14:45

Mile 1 – 14:10
Mile 2 – 29:50
Mile 2.6 – 39:30

3 miles on the high school track

5 miles on the high school track

40 minutes leg and abs workout

Mile 1 – 13:50
Mile 2 – 14:30
Walked 4 minutes at mile 2
4.5 miles – 1:05:16
1179 calories

My overall per mile pace is pretty weak, averaging 14+ minutes. But I’m moving, which is more than I was doing this time last year. I’m starting to see the pounds dropping again too. It’s helping that a friend from church has been running with me every now and then. We’ve been meeting at the high school track a couple nights a week. It’s nice to have someone there pushing me to keep going. He’s not really even pushing me, so to speak…just having him there makes the run easier and motivates me to keep going further and faster. With a month to go to my next half marathon, I definitely gotta keep going. To continue with me on this journey, read My April 2012 Run Journal



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