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My Run Journal – April 2012

“The distance between dreams and reality is called Discipline.”

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Here it is April 2nd, just one short month until I run a half marathon in Indianapolis. I am not physically ready. Mentally, I think I’m getting there. I’ve accepted the reality that my pace will be slow…slower than my last half marathon back in October. The simple truth of the matter is that I’ve not trained as stringently as I did for the last one. I’ll pay the price for that on race day. The lesson I’ve learned in this is to never stop running. I have to have perpetual forward motion. I have to have another goal lined up before I accomplish the one I’m working toward. So, crazy me…I signed up for another half marathon only two weeks after this one. No break for me. And that’s a good thing actually. Back in 2000, when I lost 65 pounds in 12 weeks, I took a week off to celebrate and rest up for what was to have been another 12 week program to follow. Remarkably, that week turned into a decade. So…no rest for me. Not if I want my dreams to become reality.

Outside at grandma and grandpa’s house. 5 miles took me 1:18:32. Pretty weak at a 16:00 per mile pace. The dirt roads and the hills around here are crazy.

6 miles outside in 01:32:12 – 1800 calories

5 miles outside in 01:15:26 – 1325 calories

8 miles from work to home after shift change. 01:56:50 and 2260 calories. The first half was a 14:00/mile pace, done in 55:40, so I slowed down in the last half. Rainy and a cold 53*. Tried out some new calf compression socks. I like them. My levels of perceived pain and exertion were both lower than normal, and now as I write this several hours later, my legs aren’t as sore as they normally would be. Almost got hit by a car while crossing the busiest intersection. I had the walk signal, but some yahoo turning left on solid green was paying more attention to her cell phone conversation than her driving. Job security, I ‘spose. Maybe I should have gone with the neon green compression socks instead of the black. 🙂

What better way to end the month than with a 2 mile jog on a cool evening? Yeah, a 3 mile jog would have been better, seeing as how that’s what I set out to do. Truth is, I’m not mentally in the game. I’m gonna need some serious strength from above to pull
13.1 miles outa my rear end on Saturday. To see how it went, check out My May Run Journal



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