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It’s More Than Tax Day

Nine years. Really? It doesn’t seem right to say it’s been almost a decade…yet it has been. For the rest of the country, April 15 is a day of dread…tax day…the deadline to file our state and federal taxes. For our family, it’s so much more. Looking back on this day nine years ago, I remember being scared and filled with anxiety. Nervous because we were taking the final step to becoming parents. Nervous that the judge would look at us and say, “you’re crazy to think you can be good parents”. Nervous that he would not finalize what in our hearts had been made final long before…what in God’s eyes had been made final before the dawn of time.

I remember being filled with worry…worry about how good a dad I would be. I wasn’t walking with the Lord then, so my worry seemed justified. Now, as my trust in our Father grows, my worry diminishes daily. While I still dwell on the things of this life…how to protect you…how to nurture your spirit…how to provide for you…how to be a good daddy, my trust is in the Lord, so I rely upon Him to worry about the things I cannot control. Truth be told, though, there’s still a part of me that knows I’m crazy to think I’ll ever be a good daddy.

What a happy day that was. You were so beautiful in your white dress…blonde hair and big blue eyes looking up at me with your amazing smile. Your smile still melts my heart. What a ride it’s been. As I look back on the nine years since we finalized your adoption, I look forward to many many more years with you by our side.

Happy Adoption Day!



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