A Note From Dad

Maybe I Should Have Hugged You

It was a chance encounter, to us at least…God had it planned out long ago. Had I spent 30 seconds longer talking to that friend after our men’s Bible study…had I not sat in the parking lot for a minute after dropping him off at his car to send an email…had I not sat in the truck in my driveway scrolling through Facebook posts for 5 minutes when I got home…or had I walked around the front of the truck when I got out and straight in the house, instead of walking around behind it…it never would have happened. I was never prepared for it when I stepped out of the truck. And I regret that. Because I think I would have hugged you.

Last night was the first time we’ve talked in over a year…close to two years. It was the first time I’ve seen you in about a year. I have been praying for you every day since you left…even before that. Praying for your safety…your salvation…your life. Praying that one day our relationship would be restored. Praying that I would have the words to say when we met again. Praying that I would handle it well. I hope I did. I don’t think I did…because I think I should have hugged you.

At our men’s Bible study tonight, we talked about love. It was a great study of the Word. I thought I learned something from it. Apparently, not enough. Because I should have told you I love you. I should have asked if we could meet again. I should have invited you to church…to our next men’s group. I should have hugged you.

Maybe what little I said and did in that 4 minutes was just what God wanted me to do and nothing more. I sure hope so, because in my humanness, I can’t help but wonder if I said enough. Maybe I’ll never know. Either way, I have to trust that God is still working in your life. Maybe I’ll never see you again. I hope that’s not the case…if it is, I will forever wonder if Maybe I Should Have Hugged You. Please know that I still love you. And I always will son.



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