Decaf Dad

Okay, so I’m not much into decaf…quite honestly my morning cup of coffee (fully caffeinated) sets the tone for the day, and missing it just sets me up for failure. So it is with God’s Word…when I start the day without first delving into Scripture, I’m setting myself up for failure. And really, is there anything better than a hot cup of coffee with the Word? Some of what God says to me (mostly convicts me of) in the morning ends up here.

Slow Down

Open Your Eyes and Be a Blessing

My god was not my God

My Kids and Oxen…Getting Dirty.  Yes, I Went There.

I May Be Old To a 4-Year Old, But Wait…

Gotta Get Outa The Way

Ultimately Accountable Accounting

The If Changes Everything

Call Me Louder

The Tomato Soup Changes Everything

A Burning Bush Moment

No Longer Bound

A Mile High on a Rusted Coffee Can

A Journey Through The Dark

His Love is Greatest

Where is God?

The Spirit’s Walking Staff

Praying in Boldness

I Wouldn’t Wish This on my Worst Enemy…or Would I?

Awoken by a Whisper

When Your Father Comes Home

Waiting For The Call?

110 Cars of Faith

Life Is Like a Homemade Cake

It Stings a Little When I Eat The Word

I Bit My Cheek

Do the Hard Stuff

Conveniently Committed

What If Our Daily Bread Isn’t Steak & Eggs?

The Ultimate Do-Over

The Do-Over Only Works on the Playground

The Good, The Bad, The Mowing

Share Your Burdens

Salvation vs. Relationship

Crunchie For Christ

It’s Not About the Breakfast Burrito

Zip it!!!

A (non)Doing Dad

Doubting Dad

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