Sneak Peek

Snapshots from a day in the life.

A Field Trip

I Saw The Future

Bowling Bubba


Sunday Afternoon Nap

I’m Missing a Wheel, But Not The Point

First Day of First

His Love is Greatest

Watch Out for That Alligator in Your Ear…He’ll Poke Your Eye Out

It’s Like Pulling Teeth…Unless the Tooth is Ripe for Pulling

It’s a Good Plan

A Christmas to Remember…I’m Gonna miss This Some Day

Dancing Through the Snow…with a Beaver and a Prayer

Spaghetti Smiles & Cotton Candy Mustaches

A Day at the Ballgame

Happy Tears

When I Grow Up

The Blessing in a Helmet

Big Fish Big Fun

A Spikey Hair Riddle

Run on Dudes!

Anyone Seen the Van Key?

Lawn Mower Train Rides & Caterpillar Tickles

He Shoots! He Scores!

Pork Chops & Apple Sauce

“Fireman Sam”

Big Jesus and Little Jesus

Not Me

I Have PMS

The Journey is the Reward

Stop The Insanity

Daddy Proud

Count the Cost

I’m Sorry

The “Wa Yay: on the Potty

A Weekend to Remember

What’s in a Word?

Rain and Tacos

I’m Not a Rock

A New Bed

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