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Daddy Proud

We started homeschool today. NE, you’re 4 years old and still enrolled two days a week in the preschool at church, but I felt led earlier this year to join the ranks of the many who’ve chosen home schooling over public or private school. When I put all the pro’s and con’s down on paper, it really was a simple decision, although it was not one I took lightly. This year is a trial run for us…an opportunity to test the waters, so to speak. I figure worst case scenario: it doesn’t work out, you’re still in preschool twice a week like you would have been anyway, and next year you’ll start kindergarten in public school. It’s like a free year for you and me to see how we do together in the teacher/student role. Although I was (and still am) a little apprehensive about it, I don’t know why. God’s the one who called me to do this. I’m not doing it because it’s something I particularly want to do. I’m doing it because God led me to. He knows what He’s doing.

If today is any inclination of how our year is going to go, I’m excited to see what God has in store for us. You did awesome for our first day! Although I had a 30 minute lesson plan ready, I’m a realist…my only real expectation was to be happy if I could get you to sit and stay focused on me for 15 minutes. At the young age of 4, that can be a challenge, and you’re so much like me it’s scary…stubborn, hard-headed and strong-willed, we want to do things our way. You did me proud today son. You sat at your desk and paid attention, tracing the letter “i” and repeating the sounds the letter makes and saying the names of the items in the pictures that had “i” in them. You really stayed focused longer than I’d hoped. SI, even you participated and repeated the letter and its sound back to me. You’re an amazing young dude SI! As we were wrapping up, NE, you were the one that encouraged me, rather than me encouraging you. I was a little flustered in my not being organized. The printer hadn’t been working to print the tracer page I wanted you to work from, I had supplies strewn all over, and my OCD was kicking in. You looked up at me and said, “Daddy. You a good teacher.” Even later that day as we were swimming, you asked me, “Daddy? We go inside and you be teacher again?” Two very “daddy proud” moments in one day! Yep, can’t wait to see what God has in store for us.



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  1. i’m proud of all 3 of you.
    jay, your aunt jean wanted me to see if you would share the information you’re using for home school materials. tish is wanting to home school foster and the twins when they get older. would you send jean an e-mail telling her the pros and cons of the different materials you considered? i know you had several friends from church share with you what they liked and didn’t about the different materials available. i looked in on that discussion with interest because i didn’t realize there were so many choices. if you need her e-mail let me know.

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