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My god was not my God

I have come to realize I can’t go a day without it.  It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon and while I haven’t touched it yet, I Can’t. Stop. Thinking. About. It. Like, really can’t stop obsessing with how good it’d feel right now.  It’s over on the kitchen counter staring at me menacingly.  Calling me.  […]

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Slip Stops

I love the many daily conversations I get to have with my kids… Me: “Hey bud, my slip stops didn’t make it home. Do you know what happened to them?” NE: “Nope. Probably still in the basket.” Me: “Yeah, probably. Now we need to go back to Bass Pro tomorrow after church so we can

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It’s a Good Plan

Conversation with a 3 year old on the drive to preschool: “Dad, why is dat pweece man parked dare?” “He’s waiting there to see if people are driving too fast, and then he will tell them to slow down.” “And he will take dem to jail?” “No, he’ll give them a ticket for speeding because

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I Like it Here

The last week or so since I wrote Welcome to My Vulnerability has been pretty good.  I’ve been staying pretty busy…very busy actually.  This time of year gets pretty hectic with all of you in school and the Upward Sports season starting up.  Throw in some of the other ministries I’ve committed my time to,

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Roller Coaster of Love

What is it about being a parent that incites so many varying emotions within such a short time frame? Did God intend parenting to be such a crazy roller coaster? I know He never said it would be easy…I get that. But how is it that I can I go from a Sunday night bed

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My Run Journal – August 2012

8/20 It’s time to get back to it. I haven’t run since the first of June, and it’s starting to affect me more than just physically. Lately, I’ve been stressed. crabby. grouchy. tired. inpatient. short-tempered. snippy. basically just difficult to live with. I just jogged two miles, and I couldn’t even make 1.5 miles without

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