A Note From Dad

Big Jesus and Little Jesus

Had an AWESOME day in the Lord.  Got to watch 4 hours of great basketball while hanging out with NE.  Got to coach NE’s game.  Saw and heard about some amazing God moments.  Enjoyed a nice dinner with the fam while hearing all about SD’s afternoon with her new friend.  It’s past their bedtime, but I’m enjoying giggles from the boys’ room.  Not sure what they’re doing, but I haven’t heard NE giggle like this in a LONG time.  Bubba’s bedtime prayer:

“Dear Gaw, dank you for food.  Dank you for Cheerios.  Dank you for cankakes.  Dank you for movie.  Dank you for Pireman Sam.  Dank you for new sheets.  Dank you for mommy.  Dank you for big Jesus and little Jesus.  Amen!”   In defense of NE, the “big Jesus and little Jesus” originally came from him.  Doesn’t matter what prayer we’re saying, be it mealtime grace, bedtime prayers, or any prayer throughout the day, NE you won’t let us end without saying “thank you for big Jesus and little Jesus.”  Not sure where you got it, but it’s your thing.  If I forget to say it, you’ll say, “Dad! You didn’t say thank you for big Jesus and little Jesus.”  Sometimes, you just add on to my prayer as a P.S.  It has quickly become a staple in our daily prayers, and I love it…almost as much as God does.  Either way, I couldn’t say it any better.  Amen!!



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