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Are You Awake?

It really is the little things in life that bring me so much joy.  Simple things like this:

Shortly after lunch today, I walked into the living room to sit down.  SD, you were lying motionless on the floor in a ball, presumably asleep.  So I asked, “are you awake?”  Imagine my surprise when you replied, “No.”  Ha!  You do this a lot, and I love it.

You’re awesome like that girl.  This reminds me of playing hide-n-seek when you were younger…sometimes with me, other times with your friends or other family members.  When I or someone else was was “it”, you would hide, usually under a blanket, or behind the couch, or in the pantry.  I would call out “SD, where are you?”  You would giggle and say “over here” each and every time.  Hehe.  Priceless.

I sat down to write those memories out, and as I’m writing this, another memory is coming to mind.  When you were still a baby, even before the surgery to repair your heart, we danced.  Late at night when your mom had gone to bed, I would hold you tight and play one song over and over as we danced.  I don’t know if your momma even knows this.  I still remember the sound of your breath on my shoulder, the feel of your head resting above my heart, how your hair tickled my face.  SD, you are amazing in so many ways, and I love you for who you are.  As you grow up and become a young woman with dreams of your own, I’m proud to be your daddy.  I’m proud of you for who you are, not what you do or how you do it.  You stole my heart a long time ago.  Wherever you go, whatever you do, always remember that I Do Love You.  If you ever doubt it, play this song to help you remember.

But I Do Love You


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