The boys and I went fishing today. The first time for NE and SI. There are no words to describe the joy I experienced watching you two this morning, but I’ll try.

It took a bit to set up the new poles…honestly I don’t have the finger dexterity to efficiently handle fishing line, small hooks, weights and bobbers…so it took longer than it should have. Thankfully, Mr. Brad was on hand to help. NE, you cast first…with my help…and caught one right away.

First Fish

NE’s First Fish


Not to be outdone, SI quickly followed suit on your first cast, with Mr. Brad’s help.

First Fish

SI’s First Fish


What followed was about 30 minutes of pretty much non-stop catching fish, back to back…to back. The prize fish for the day goes to SI for this catch.

Big Catch

Big Catch


I was helping NE with one when you caught it, but Mr. Brad says it almost pulled the rod right out of your hands. Can’t imagine why.

Big Catch

It Was THIS Big!!


As we left, it was SI who proclaimed “I had big fun!” Me too bud. Me too.